Saturday, March 31, 2007

about the strike

ah hello again. Sorry I can blog for long but I said that I would update the news for the strike. Well here it is.

Yay! I go back to school now. Hurrah! The board and the Teachers both decided that they let someone else decide what they get basically. So that mean I go back to school. The surprising thing is that the teachers keep on saying "Oh don't worry about it. We won't assign you more homework than usual." Wow, I know that won't hold out. We always get bambarded with homework from late May to the middle of June no matter what. What is going to be different this year. All well, we are back to school, thats the main thing.

Another surprizing thing, I still get my spring break! I whole week of doing nothing after a month of doing nothing. Wow we are really going forward. We also get our PD day too. I don't know if I should be happy about the spring break or not. Its nice, but we just had a month to catch up on. All well. The strange thing is the only real homework that we got was a math page and study for science. Wow you would expect that they would stuff the homework into you since you have a week off. Then next week we also get good friday and easter Monday off. Then that is pretty much it for holidays....until summer vacation! Yay

Now back on the strike. Well I'm glad that its over and that is the main thing right. Maybe the moral is something random like marshmellow taste good when cooked. Remember that now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

fourth week on strike..however...

since sometime in mid Febuary my school has been on strick. So ya, basically i have been on strike for four weeks now. All the sleep that i could ever want, i get. However, for the last week of so, my sisterhas set out some homework for me to do every week. At least it keep me up in the department of homework (the evil, evil department of homework that won't burn down no matter how many kid try to set it on fire) Don't ask me why the parkland school division is on strike though. The teachers said that they couldn't talk about the strike before they did go on strike (though they were made to anyways by my classmates.) Also they don't really say what the problem is on the news. They just show a whole bunch of angry mod of parents (all they need is the good old stick on fire in the hand) The thing that was kinda annoying before was that they division board and the teacher wouldn't even talk for the longest while. That is really REALLY dumb. That just give everyone a reason to hate you.

However, There is hope yet. I didn't get the detail (or forgot them, one of the two) but i mighht be going to school tomarrow. I have to watch the new tomarrow and see if that is true. I sure hope it is. Either way, i'll we swimming (and drowning) in homework. All well

I'll probably be missing spring break because of this but i hope they don't cut down on my summer vacation. I rather have the spring break go than the summer vacation. However once they cut the spring break out, there is only 4 day of holiday after that until summer vacation (well actally five but it occurs right after the last day of school so it doesn't matter really) There is good friday, easter monday, PD day and vitora day before summer vacation so perhaps lack of holiday will catch the student up with the other division.

Well, i update sooner or later when i see what will happen. Wish me luck (and that the school will open again)

book reveiw for.....Firewing! da da da daaaa

Yep I'm doing a reveiw for firewing

i thought the book was pretty good. It is basically about this bat named griffin that worries about everything from being eaten by a fish to havig all the catipillars eat the forest and he was trying to steal fire. However he dropped the stick on his friend Luna and set her on fire and she died from the injuries. Griffin, depressed went to hide under a tree root when a earthquake occered a plunged him into the underworld (also known as the land of the dead*plays beetoveen in the background...the evil sounding one) Meanwhile his father Shade (oh no, not another father son thing!) that was at stone hold for the summer returned to where Grifin and his mother lives for the summer (tree haven) However when he arrives he find out that Griffin is missing (ha ha sucker) So he goes to the underworld and tries to find his son. However there is many dangers ahead in the land of the dead

I think this book is really good. I like the names of the characters. Some characters such as Nocturna, Goth, Shade and Griffin has really cool names However, in this series it is hard to tell what book in the series it is. I didn't find out until i read the whole book that it was the third in the series. Well i know that it was either the first or the lastest one, because on the back it said from one of the prises something about a good sequel and yet on the Other books in the series thing it had firewing on the top! Talk about really dumb! My sister later got me the first two books in the series (which i haven't read yet) and silverwing (the first book apprently ) had on the cover "from the creator of sunwing and on sunwing it says "From the creator of Silverwing" Choose one or the other! It make our lives that much easier.

Other than that this book i really good and i suggest that have a look at it. To make things easier here is the sequence of the books
remember that and you will be safe. 'Till later then

Saturday, March 17, 2007 first post....

hello. My username is Wolfie and i happy to be yet another blogger person. However i find it a real bother to sign up using google account....all well. I like cookie here have a cookie for reading my first post *Wolfie trots over and gives you the cookie bowl....unfourtually it is empty all well) Anyways as soon as i figure out this site some more i will make a personal layout (yay!) but for now this one stays. If you have any suggestions i will gladly take them. Oh...and by the way, beware of spelling and me grammer mistake. Roses are Red, violets are blue. Grammer is boring, don't you think so too? I think that is it for now...Thanks for reading my first blog!