Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flash to the Past..sort of

Like I said, I would eventually you up to date of what has happened since May of 0, and I shall, or at least half way there or so.. Without further ado, I shall now speak about June (heh heh heh, I'm a poet and didn't know it...kinda)

June- Woot last month of Grade 8. A lot has happened, but more homework than anything else due to the strike. I got one of the highest in the class for the Since Final, an 83%. For the rest of my exams, I think I got between an 70% and 80%.

July- umm, not too much happened here, other than play a whole bunch of Harvest Moon, including Magical Melodies and More Friends in Mineral Town.

Augest- yay, I went to Animethon 14! This is an anime convention that is held every year in Edmonton (how cool am I?) I dressed up as the red mage on Final Fantasy 1. However, everyone else dressed up as Inu Yasha, so was Final Fantasy all alone, and no one know who i was. Arg, should've went as Kagome, or Shippo...all well, it was entertaining anyways. I got 5 dollar worth of tape (hey it had Chip and Dale, duckies, and Marie on them!) as well as a toy where pikachu pull pichu around on a little cart. It is a wind up toy. Meanwhile, for some reason I found a person dressed up as Ghostbusters (ummm...why?)
On other news, I was cutting up some Strawberries and... their twin! (Look at top) aww aren't they cute? I felt kinda sad when i had to cut them up.... I am so evil.

September- Hmmm....back to school for me. This year almost all of the grade 9's are in the same class, so I in the same class as all my friends this year, so yay! I got a eye-exam this month as well. Turns out (well I already knew) that I need glasses.

October- I got glasses this month! Yay... kinda. They are blue and in kind of a squarish shape. I went trick or treating this year as well. There is no way I'm giving up free candy, so don't even try the "Your too old to trick or treat" because it won't work! I was planning to dress up as a white mage but I changed my mind because my costume sucked and no one knew who i was, and ended up dressing as Shippo. And people gave me candy like they were supposed to, yay for me. Unfortunately, I had to go alone because my sister had to stay in the car, because the car that we took, the Bronco, had this thing for stalling if not attented, or when it felt like it for that matter, also my weenie friends, either didn't want to go, I forgot to ask them, or they were going with someone else, or they wanted me to come with them to the city. In my families opinion, the city sucks because people don't give you much candy, while half the people where I live give you about two heaping handfulls of candy. If I remember correctly, I got approx. a garbage bag three quarters full of candy. Not bad for one person eh?
Oh and I forgot to mention, we dressed up my dog buddy as little red riding hood. Unfourtually we kinda forgot to take a picture...aww he was so cute though! And to make things worse, he had it taken off by the time i got home! Awww, man!

November- ummm nothing I think, except the fact that I got my report card, but I don't think many of you care about that, do you?

December- Tis the season to be freezing. Actually it wasn't that bad for December. Beside Christmas, which some of the bigger things I got was a guitar, and an ipod, I can't remember anything significant...

January: Happy Birthday, my dearest sister!

February: Happy Valentines Day everyone. And for some of the people in my class, hope you had a nice time being blind! They were in the writers option, and they had to be blind for half the day, and then write about it. The only two people in my class that were blinded, were my two friends. unfortunately, one of them hung around people who did all sorts of things to the poor little blindie. Stole his food, shoved him into people and cars etc. Had to help him before they killed him, heh heh heh. That is all to report in the month of February, other than it sucks to spell it out.

To March on I'll have separate blogs for the event, because I can actually remember some, and it wasn't a ridiculously long time ago. Anyways, until next time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cookies on Top of a Fridge

This is actually my grade nine Claymation movie. I am not sure if it is the one that works sooo.... sorry if it isn't (I had three or four drafts for this.... stupid me and my lousy organization) and I'll change it as soon as I find out if it is the right one or not.

Yes, I know that this is extremely random. It about Kitsura trying to get cookies on top of a fridge. Pipkin the fox it sort of our narrator here, and the random rabbit fight was added just for fun and for comic relief...for the other comic relief.

As for the horrible voice-overs.... uhhhh, I know nothing of it, except for the poor person that spent several hunches making it work right, it was very hard. To make the voice fit in with the time frame was hard enough, forget everything else. Also the person that should be known now fourth as incompetent no-name has absolutely no talent when it come to voicing or any of the sort.

Well anyways, Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I can get into Blogger Agian!

After over a years absence, I have returned. Umm...sorry, i forgot my password, and I have been busy, but I'll try to update more often. In fact I am going to kinda backtrack all the important issues until eventually I'll be on current things. I'll put the approximate date that it happened on, and I'll try to get on current stuff as soon as I can.

...Or maybe not who knows.