Saturday, June 28, 2008

Flash to the Past..sort of

Like I said, I would eventually you up to date of what has happened since May of 0, and I shall, or at least half way there or so.. Without further ado, I shall now speak about June (heh heh heh, I'm a poet and didn't know it...kinda)

June- Woot last month of Grade 8. A lot has happened, but more homework than anything else due to the strike. I got one of the highest in the class for the Since Final, an 83%. For the rest of my exams, I think I got between an 70% and 80%.

July- umm, not too much happened here, other than play a whole bunch of Harvest Moon, including Magical Melodies and More Friends in Mineral Town.

Augest- yay, I went to Animethon 14! This is an anime convention that is held every year in Edmonton (how cool am I?) I dressed up as the red mage on Final Fantasy 1. However, everyone else dressed up as Inu Yasha, so was Final Fantasy all alone, and no one know who i was. Arg, should've went as Kagome, or Shippo...all well, it was entertaining anyways. I got 5 dollar worth of tape (hey it had Chip and Dale, duckies, and Marie on them!) as well as a toy where pikachu pull pichu around on a little cart. It is a wind up toy. Meanwhile, for some reason I found a person dressed up as Ghostbusters (ummm...why?)
On other news, I was cutting up some Strawberries and... their twin! (Look at top) aww aren't they cute? I felt kinda sad when i had to cut them up.... I am so evil.

September- Hmmm....back to school for me. This year almost all of the grade 9's are in the same class, so I in the same class as all my friends this year, so yay! I got a eye-exam this month as well. Turns out (well I already knew) that I need glasses.

October- I got glasses this month! Yay... kinda. They are blue and in kind of a squarish shape. I went trick or treating this year as well. There is no way I'm giving up free candy, so don't even try the "Your too old to trick or treat" because it won't work! I was planning to dress up as a white mage but I changed my mind because my costume sucked and no one knew who i was, and ended up dressing as Shippo. And people gave me candy like they were supposed to, yay for me. Unfortunately, I had to go alone because my sister had to stay in the car, because the car that we took, the Bronco, had this thing for stalling if not attented, or when it felt like it for that matter, also my weenie friends, either didn't want to go, I forgot to ask them, or they were going with someone else, or they wanted me to come with them to the city. In my families opinion, the city sucks because people don't give you much candy, while half the people where I live give you about two heaping handfulls of candy. If I remember correctly, I got approx. a garbage bag three quarters full of candy. Not bad for one person eh?
Oh and I forgot to mention, we dressed up my dog buddy as little red riding hood. Unfourtually we kinda forgot to take a picture...aww he was so cute though! And to make things worse, he had it taken off by the time i got home! Awww, man!

November- ummm nothing I think, except the fact that I got my report card, but I don't think many of you care about that, do you?

December- Tis the season to be freezing. Actually it wasn't that bad for December. Beside Christmas, which some of the bigger things I got was a guitar, and an ipod, I can't remember anything significant...

January: Happy Birthday, my dearest sister!

February: Happy Valentines Day everyone. And for some of the people in my class, hope you had a nice time being blind! They were in the writers option, and they had to be blind for half the day, and then write about it. The only two people in my class that were blinded, were my two friends. unfortunately, one of them hung around people who did all sorts of things to the poor little blindie. Stole his food, shoved him into people and cars etc. Had to help him before they killed him, heh heh heh. That is all to report in the month of February, other than it sucks to spell it out.

To March on I'll have separate blogs for the event, because I can actually remember some, and it wasn't a ridiculously long time ago. Anyways, until next time.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cookies on Top of a Fridge

This is actually my grade nine Claymation movie. I am not sure if it is the one that works sooo.... sorry if it isn't (I had three or four drafts for this.... stupid me and my lousy organization) and I'll change it as soon as I find out if it is the right one or not.

Yes, I know that this is extremely random. It about Kitsura trying to get cookies on top of a fridge. Pipkin the fox it sort of our narrator here, and the random rabbit fight was added just for fun and for comic relief...for the other comic relief.

As for the horrible voice-overs.... uhhhh, I know nothing of it, except for the poor person that spent several hunches making it work right, it was very hard. To make the voice fit in with the time frame was hard enough, forget everything else. Also the person that should be known now fourth as incompetent no-name has absolutely no talent when it come to voicing or any of the sort.

Well anyways, Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I can get into Blogger Agian!

After over a years absence, I have returned. Umm...sorry, i forgot my password, and I have been busy, but I'll try to update more often. In fact I am going to kinda backtrack all the important issues until eventually I'll be on current things. I'll put the approximate date that it happened on, and I'll try to get on current stuff as soon as I can.

...Or maybe not who knows.

Friday, May 25, 2007

People these days rant #1 Annoying text stuff people do

welcome to Wolfie's rant! yay! Get use to these because I plan to rant more. After all,there is enough to rant about these days.I must say this before i start. These a entirely MY opinions and i don't mean to insult anyone. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but if you are here to make a flamewar, i suggest you leave. I could care less that you are not mature enough to stand that people have different opinion than you and i don't have the patience for it so keep you caps lock off and pretend that we are mature, ok.let the rant begin!

Annoying thing #1:chatspeak

one thing that really bothers me is chatspeak. Simple stuff like u instead of you is fine, but stuff like ."Ty 4 2 lik nothin cuz lik u suk & lik i kool!!!!1111111" In fact i seen worse than that. I got to the point where i didn't understand what they are saying. I my opinion, chatspeak is just a way to show how lazy you are. If people see you where you cant even bother to put three letters, they will probably think your a slacker, thus don't really think that you are reliable. Would you put that talk on anything besides the internet? No i don't think so. Just because you are typing to people doesn't mean that you should slack off. They are real people too.

Annoying thing #2: Caps lock and sticky tabs:

Caps lock is usually for making a point. However people think that they are so cool and completely cap lock everything. For one thing, it is annoying and hurts people eyes. Two the whole point of caps locking is lost. It like highlighting all of your notes for a test. Why did you even bother. Three, it looks like you are yelling, which can make people really mad at you. So why even bother?However i find sticky tabs even more annoying. Sticky tabs is like this StIcKy TaBs. All i see it as is a waste of time and yet another way for people to get annoyed with you. It takes longer to read, and some people wont even bother. I consider sticky tabs spam. They are certainly annoying as spam and if i took the time to actually read it, most of the time it is spam done by a dweeb trying to look cool

Annoying text #3: marquee

I think this will be the one where most people will disagree with me. Personally, i don't even know why people even bother with it. Since it is moving, i have to read it fast and read it several times to make sure i read everything. Also you must wait for the message to begin again because there is no point to read it at the middle of the message. Also some people think its cool to have a whole list on the same marquee. Well its not. By the time you read the top the bottom has already past so you have to wait for it to come back about ten times to read it all. Also i seen some sites that have links on marquee. Sure you have little bit more space but it is extremely annoying. If i wanted to click on a link, i would have to wait for it to come all the way back so i can click on it. If i can catch it that is. Wolfie doesn't have the best reflexes you know. What worse is when some people think they are so cool and make the message superfast so that no one can read it. Well guess what? Its not funny and it hurts the eyes even attempting the read it. If you must have marquee, i suggest the lowest speed possible so that people can actually read it (and i know that proboards only let you have one speed, for other sites i meant)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

May the fourth be with you

well, i lied , it is actually the 12, so may the 12th be with you, but it doesn't sound as cool. My two week has been busy, so lets take a step back and time to a land called late april and early may
-April 28th or so= This is saturday by the way. This is the day that I went to work at Island Ink Jet. I was partnered up with my sister's friend and we managed to spill pop on the floor in the first five minutes! The stain is still there apperently. All well, we attepted to clean it up. Other that that it was ok. At least I didn't count paper :P That would suck because you have to count the loose paper one by one and there is about an avarage of 200 or so. What job did i have to do you ask? I did stock counting. This is where you look at the code number at the back of the product and write how many there is. Its a tedious job but still it was pretty fun. I got pizza for lunch. I forget what kind. To top it off, i got money! yay money! Then i pretty much spent the same amount getting my hair streaked blonde. As well as that i got the underneath black. I think it looks pretty cool. As well as that I got my ears peirce as well. Perhaps I will actually keep them in this time....well we will see.

-April 29- well nothing happened till Friday when...
-May 4th- yay it my birthday! Unfourtually i got sick! *cry* so i had to stay home. There was a rainstorm today too. It lasted all day. We usually dont get thast kind of rainstorm. However i got a mic. Yay! I also got my warriors twilight and sunset. Yay! I also got flowers, stickers, artemis fowl the first book, those wind things, and a whole bunch of stuff like that! yay! I also got a wii controller, but my family thought it was funny in saying that perhaps we got it and perhaps not but here is a controller incase we ever get one. *sigh*
For cake i got a white icing cake with the top half white and the bottem was suppose to be marble! all well . I got candles this year. My sister even got one the dsings happy b-day!

-the tuesday after that
- too lazy to figure out the date. One of my friend baked me a cake! was good. Itwas chocolate! Also a lot of people signed a card for me...i felt so special. I also found out i got a wii! yay. Earier that day they gave me the box and said that it was all that they could get, then later i found out that it was lies! still having the wii is cool. There is one game and it is called rayman raving rabbits and that game is awsome! I will discuss the details later but here is a pic of the bunnies (its at the top of the post)

saturday may 12th- and that leaves us to tday that all see ya

Saturday, March 31, 2007

about the strike

ah hello again. Sorry I can blog for long but I said that I would update the news for the strike. Well here it is.

Yay! I go back to school now. Hurrah! The board and the Teachers both decided that they let someone else decide what they get basically. So that mean I go back to school. The surprising thing is that the teachers keep on saying "Oh don't worry about it. We won't assign you more homework than usual." Wow, I know that won't hold out. We always get bambarded with homework from late May to the middle of June no matter what. What is going to be different this year. All well, we are back to school, thats the main thing.

Another surprizing thing, I still get my spring break! I whole week of doing nothing after a month of doing nothing. Wow we are really going forward. We also get our PD day too. I don't know if I should be happy about the spring break or not. Its nice, but we just had a month to catch up on. All well. The strange thing is the only real homework that we got was a math page and study for science. Wow you would expect that they would stuff the homework into you since you have a week off. Then next week we also get good friday and easter Monday off. Then that is pretty much it for holidays....until summer vacation! Yay

Now back on the strike. Well I'm glad that its over and that is the main thing right. Maybe the moral is something random like marshmellow taste good when cooked. Remember that now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

fourth week on strike..however...

since sometime in mid Febuary my school has been on strick. So ya, basically i have been on strike for four weeks now. All the sleep that i could ever want, i get. However, for the last week of so, my sisterhas set out some homework for me to do every week. At least it keep me up in the department of homework (the evil, evil department of homework that won't burn down no matter how many kid try to set it on fire) Don't ask me why the parkland school division is on strike though. The teachers said that they couldn't talk about the strike before they did go on strike (though they were made to anyways by my classmates.) Also they don't really say what the problem is on the news. They just show a whole bunch of angry mod of parents (all they need is the good old stick on fire in the hand) The thing that was kinda annoying before was that they division board and the teacher wouldn't even talk for the longest while. That is really REALLY dumb. That just give everyone a reason to hate you.

However, There is hope yet. I didn't get the detail (or forgot them, one of the two) but i mighht be going to school tomarrow. I have to watch the new tomarrow and see if that is true. I sure hope it is. Either way, i'll we swimming (and drowning) in homework. All well

I'll probably be missing spring break because of this but i hope they don't cut down on my summer vacation. I rather have the spring break go than the summer vacation. However once they cut the spring break out, there is only 4 day of holiday after that until summer vacation (well actally five but it occurs right after the last day of school so it doesn't matter really) There is good friday, easter monday, PD day and vitora day before summer vacation so perhaps lack of holiday will catch the student up with the other division.

Well, i update sooner or later when i see what will happen. Wish me luck (and that the school will open again)