Saturday, March 31, 2007

about the strike

ah hello again. Sorry I can blog for long but I said that I would update the news for the strike. Well here it is.

Yay! I go back to school now. Hurrah! The board and the Teachers both decided that they let someone else decide what they get basically. So that mean I go back to school. The surprising thing is that the teachers keep on saying "Oh don't worry about it. We won't assign you more homework than usual." Wow, I know that won't hold out. We always get bambarded with homework from late May to the middle of June no matter what. What is going to be different this year. All well, we are back to school, thats the main thing.

Another surprizing thing, I still get my spring break! I whole week of doing nothing after a month of doing nothing. Wow we are really going forward. We also get our PD day too. I don't know if I should be happy about the spring break or not. Its nice, but we just had a month to catch up on. All well. The strange thing is the only real homework that we got was a math page and study for science. Wow you would expect that they would stuff the homework into you since you have a week off. Then next week we also get good friday and easter Monday off. Then that is pretty much it for holidays....until summer vacation! Yay

Now back on the strike. Well I'm glad that its over and that is the main thing right. Maybe the moral is something random like marshmellow taste good when cooked. Remember that now.

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