Saturday, May 12, 2007

May the fourth be with you

well, i lied , it is actually the 12, so may the 12th be with you, but it doesn't sound as cool. My two week has been busy, so lets take a step back and time to a land called late april and early may
-April 28th or so= This is saturday by the way. This is the day that I went to work at Island Ink Jet. I was partnered up with my sister's friend and we managed to spill pop on the floor in the first five minutes! The stain is still there apperently. All well, we attepted to clean it up. Other that that it was ok. At least I didn't count paper :P That would suck because you have to count the loose paper one by one and there is about an avarage of 200 or so. What job did i have to do you ask? I did stock counting. This is where you look at the code number at the back of the product and write how many there is. Its a tedious job but still it was pretty fun. I got pizza for lunch. I forget what kind. To top it off, i got money! yay money! Then i pretty much spent the same amount getting my hair streaked blonde. As well as that i got the underneath black. I think it looks pretty cool. As well as that I got my ears peirce as well. Perhaps I will actually keep them in this time....well we will see.

-April 29- well nothing happened till Friday when...
-May 4th- yay it my birthday! Unfourtually i got sick! *cry* so i had to stay home. There was a rainstorm today too. It lasted all day. We usually dont get thast kind of rainstorm. However i got a mic. Yay! I also got my warriors twilight and sunset. Yay! I also got flowers, stickers, artemis fowl the first book, those wind things, and a whole bunch of stuff like that! yay! I also got a wii controller, but my family thought it was funny in saying that perhaps we got it and perhaps not but here is a controller incase we ever get one. *sigh*
For cake i got a white icing cake with the top half white and the bottem was suppose to be marble! all well . I got candles this year. My sister even got one the dsings happy b-day!

-the tuesday after that
- too lazy to figure out the date. One of my friend baked me a cake! was good. Itwas chocolate! Also a lot of people signed a card for me...i felt so special. I also found out i got a wii! yay. Earier that day they gave me the box and said that it was all that they could get, then later i found out that it was lies! still having the wii is cool. There is one game and it is called rayman raving rabbits and that game is awsome! I will discuss the details later but here is a pic of the bunnies (its at the top of the post)

saturday may 12th- and that leaves us to tday that all see ya

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Die Spaziod Rabbits.