Friday, May 25, 2007

People these days rant #1 Annoying text stuff people do

welcome to Wolfie's rant! yay! Get use to these because I plan to rant more. After all,there is enough to rant about these days.I must say this before i start. These a entirely MY opinions and i don't mean to insult anyone. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, but if you are here to make a flamewar, i suggest you leave. I could care less that you are not mature enough to stand that people have different opinion than you and i don't have the patience for it so keep you caps lock off and pretend that we are mature, ok.let the rant begin!

Annoying thing #1:chatspeak

one thing that really bothers me is chatspeak. Simple stuff like u instead of you is fine, but stuff like ."Ty 4 2 lik nothin cuz lik u suk & lik i kool!!!!1111111" In fact i seen worse than that. I got to the point where i didn't understand what they are saying. I my opinion, chatspeak is just a way to show how lazy you are. If people see you where you cant even bother to put three letters, they will probably think your a slacker, thus don't really think that you are reliable. Would you put that talk on anything besides the internet? No i don't think so. Just because you are typing to people doesn't mean that you should slack off. They are real people too.

Annoying thing #2: Caps lock and sticky tabs:

Caps lock is usually for making a point. However people think that they are so cool and completely cap lock everything. For one thing, it is annoying and hurts people eyes. Two the whole point of caps locking is lost. It like highlighting all of your notes for a test. Why did you even bother. Three, it looks like you are yelling, which can make people really mad at you. So why even bother?However i find sticky tabs even more annoying. Sticky tabs is like this StIcKy TaBs. All i see it as is a waste of time and yet another way for people to get annoyed with you. It takes longer to read, and some people wont even bother. I consider sticky tabs spam. They are certainly annoying as spam and if i took the time to actually read it, most of the time it is spam done by a dweeb trying to look cool

Annoying text #3: marquee

I think this will be the one where most people will disagree with me. Personally, i don't even know why people even bother with it. Since it is moving, i have to read it fast and read it several times to make sure i read everything. Also you must wait for the message to begin again because there is no point to read it at the middle of the message. Also some people think its cool to have a whole list on the same marquee. Well its not. By the time you read the top the bottom has already past so you have to wait for it to come back about ten times to read it all. Also i seen some sites that have links on marquee. Sure you have little bit more space but it is extremely annoying. If i wanted to click on a link, i would have to wait for it to come all the way back so i can click on it. If i can catch it that is. Wolfie doesn't have the best reflexes you know. What worse is when some people think they are so cool and make the message superfast so that no one can read it. Well guess what? Its not funny and it hurts the eyes even attempting the read it. If you must have marquee, i suggest the lowest speed possible so that people can actually read it (and i know that proboards only let you have one speed, for other sites i meant)


Kami Akai said...

Chat speak = l33t.
It's a stupidity way of making people with more than a brain stem lose IQ points.

It's a gamer thing. Neither you nor I will ever understand.

Taryn said...


And we don't all use chat speak. Only the weird ones.

I, for one, am a proud grammar crusader.