Monday, March 19, 2007

fourth week on strike..however...

since sometime in mid Febuary my school has been on strick. So ya, basically i have been on strike for four weeks now. All the sleep that i could ever want, i get. However, for the last week of so, my sisterhas set out some homework for me to do every week. At least it keep me up in the department of homework (the evil, evil department of homework that won't burn down no matter how many kid try to set it on fire) Don't ask me why the parkland school division is on strike though. The teachers said that they couldn't talk about the strike before they did go on strike (though they were made to anyways by my classmates.) Also they don't really say what the problem is on the news. They just show a whole bunch of angry mod of parents (all they need is the good old stick on fire in the hand) The thing that was kinda annoying before was that they division board and the teacher wouldn't even talk for the longest while. That is really REALLY dumb. That just give everyone a reason to hate you.

However, There is hope yet. I didn't get the detail (or forgot them, one of the two) but i mighht be going to school tomarrow. I have to watch the new tomarrow and see if that is true. I sure hope it is. Either way, i'll we swimming (and drowning) in homework. All well

I'll probably be missing spring break because of this but i hope they don't cut down on my summer vacation. I rather have the spring break go than the summer vacation. However once they cut the spring break out, there is only 4 day of holiday after that until summer vacation (well actally five but it occurs right after the last day of school so it doesn't matter really) There is good friday, easter monday, PD day and vitora day before summer vacation so perhaps lack of holiday will catch the student up with the other division.

Well, i update sooner or later when i see what will happen. Wish me luck (and that the school will open again)

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