Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cookies on Top of a Fridge

This is actually my grade nine Claymation movie. I am not sure if it is the one that works sooo.... sorry if it isn't (I had three or four drafts for this.... stupid me and my lousy organization) and I'll change it as soon as I find out if it is the right one or not.

Yes, I know that this is extremely random. It about Kitsura trying to get cookies on top of a fridge. Pipkin the fox it sort of our narrator here, and the random rabbit fight was added just for fun and for comic relief...for the other comic relief.

As for the horrible voice-overs.... uhhhh, I know nothing of it, except for the poor person that spent several hunches making it work right, it was very hard. To make the voice fit in with the time frame was hard enough, forget everything else. Also the person that should be known now fourth as incompetent no-name has absolutely no talent when it come to voicing or any of the sort.

Well anyways, Enjoy!

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